Spice up your July Summer Vibes in Saigon

Spice up your summer vibes with 10+ refreshing activities in Saigon this July! 

Meet new people and mingle with the like-minded.

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Only this July

The Activities n' Hosts

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TIEN HUYNH – JULY 20 – 1,000,000 VND 800,000 VND

Jazzy fashion night: suit talk, mingle and casual posing for great instagrammable pics

  • Insights about modern men/women suits from a fashion designer's
  • Tien's wardobe tryout on you + Lots of instagrammable photos of you to show off 
  • Professional yet friendly photoshoot at a jazzy lounge
  • A glass of wine/whisky or a cup of tea/coffee 
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LAM VISSAY – JULY 19 – 1,290,000 VND 1,030,000 VND

Compose your own song in a beautiful musical night with Lam Vissay

  • Mingle and connect with other artistic new friends
  • Release your creative souls
  • Delicious wine or whiskey at a private bar in Saigon
  • FREE tasty German dinner and an unforgettable experience at Lam's bar

TRI LECAO – JULY 25 – 587,000 VND 469,000 VND

Light up the Saigon night sky with your social-media-braggable halo ring photos

  • Explore hidden foreshore area in District 2
  • Wow your social media friends with jaw-dropping photos
  • Delicious beers and amazing music
  • A unique/exclusive experience you can't find elsewhere 

HUYEN HO – JULY 21 – 820,000 VND 656,000 VND

Walk the hidden alleys and create amazing retro pictures with analog photography 

  • Explore the hidden beauty of Saigon's local spots
  • Wow your Instagram followers with amazing retro pictures
  • Meet and mingle with fellow photography lovers and friends 

HARLEY PHAM – JULY 17 – 820,000 VND 656,000 VND

Let's sneak in some of my favorite hidden rooftops and have drinks!

  • A little different adventure in Saigon to remember
  • Amazing view of Saigon from various rooftops
  • Mingle with like-minded peers + enjoy ice cold beers
  • Have a thousand smiles and laughs thru the night 

JESSE SELVAGN – JULY 18 – 1,600,000 VND 1,280,000 VND

Explore the Craft and Culture of Japanese Whisky

  • Discover a new world of whiskey flavors
  • Enjoy a journey through Japanese crafts and culture of whisky
  • Mingle with like-minded people

JIA HANN TAN – JULY 21 – 376,000 VND 300,000 VND

Archery Quidditch Tournament - Which House are you?

  • Learn and enjoy archery the different way - Harry Potter themed game, who would say no?
  • Free drinks, be it beers or soft drinks.
  • Meet lots of fun-loving fellows and compete with them
  • Win awesome prizes. Fun, fun & more fun

THAO DANG – JULY 21 – 820,000 VND 656,000 VND

Challenge yourself with Vietnam silversmith techniques and make your own silver ring!

  • Craft your very own silver ring  
  • Interesting historical insights about Vietnamese silverwork
  • A real feel-good vibe & bring home a gift for your special someone, why not? 

MIKE HOANG – JULY 26 – 800,000 VND 640,000 VND

Cigar vibes – experience a cigar with Mike as a Vietnamese millennial cigar lover

  • Insights about the old tobacco goods
  • Mingle and network with great people
  • A glass of wine/whisky (your choice) 
  • Lots of fun and good vibes, guaranteed :)

REI NGUYEN – JULY 27 – 820,000 VND 656,000 VND

Ladies, let's create your own irresistible charm with DIY perfume

  • Create your very own bespoke perfume
  • Express your true self and femininity 
  • Immerse in the world of scent
  • An experience to remember 

LEE WESSELS – JULY 28 – 1,050,000 VND 840,000 VND

Hang out with Saigon's street artists and learn how to spray your own graffiti art

  • Insights and inspiring stories about Graffiti art, street art and artists  
  • Make new friends + Lots of fun guaranteed  
  • Learn some great painting/spraying skills under professional instruction

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Who we are

LandedVibe is a platform for indie artists, professionals and hobbyists to monetize their skills and talents in an entertaining and engaging way.

This time, we want to bring some of our best hosts together to enhance your summer vibes in July through a list of 10+ fun and diversified activities in Saigon.

Pricing is anywhere from $10 to $60 per activity, and each is full of value, friendship and engaging moments.